Student Trappers Making Money with Their Hobby


SNAP: Winter season brings winter coats for the animals making fur super valuable and sought after. This allows students to earn money and get outside during the school year to trap.

Brant Nelson, staff writer

Many kids in the valley love spending time outdoors. Students who have found the passion to hunt in the fall often time turn to trapping during the winter.

One of the most sought after pelts is that of the pine martin, found in really thick timber with some undergrowth. Checking their traps for martin and other mammals is a fun activity for students to go do together on weekends or after school and practice.

KILLING SOME YOTES: Not only do students trap, but they can also call in animals and kill them for their fur. “When I don’t need to go check my traps and I have some free time, I really like to go and try and kill some coyotes. The fur is really nice to collect, and it is a lot of fun,” said Kysen Hebdon.

“I love to go out and spend time with friends checking traps. We have some really good times just joking around, but it is also pretty sweet when we get up to a trap we set a few days ago and catch something,” said Ryker White.

MARTIN MANIA: Many  tappers catch pine martin are through the winter season. Trappers can sell martin pelts for around $40 a piece. “It is super awesome when I get up to one of my Martin traps and see that I have caught one. It makes it feel like the time spent is actually productive, and it’s nice to know I’m making money,”  said Tristen Kleeman.

Enthusiast can look upon trapping as a job to earn money through the winter or a time to get away from school and get up in the mountains.  Alone or with friends, they have a great time.