Mistakes on the Lakes


FROZEN : Kysen Hebdon, looks cold and tired from a full day on the ice with his family and friends.

Gabe Nield, staff writer

With unknown ice conditions and freezing cold weather ice fishing can go bad in a hurry. One local kid, Tristan Kleeman, found this out the hard way.

“It started out like every other day on the ice,” Kleeman said. “We checked the ice and everything looked good. We were on time and moving pretty leisurely.”

However, things took a sharp left turn for the worse quickly. As Kleeman and his buddy were going across the lake to their beloved honey hole, the ice cracked and shook beneath them. Next thing they knew, the ice broke and they plunged into the frigid water. Luckily, Kleeman and his fishing buddy crawled back on top of the ice and went and got warm. Other than shaken up nerves and a case of the jitters no harm done.

Junior Kysen Hebdon also had a close call last winter. Hebdon and some buddies were out for around 3 three hours, dropping lines through the ice and reeling in fish before the incident took place. As one of Kysen’s friends went walking towards his own hole in the ice, he fell through. Luckily for him, he only fell waist deep and got out with nothing but cold legs. “It definitely scared me,” Hebdon said.

As you’re out on the ice this winter, be cautious. After all, mistakes on the lakes happen more often and more quickly than most think.