2021-2022 School Calendar Set


DAYS OF OUR LIVES: This proposed calendar will be the one setting next school year’s schedule, pending school board approval. District employees voted for this schedule over one that took more Fridays off but w ent a few days into June. “If I was going into the 2021-2022 schedule, I’d want to have less Friday’s cause it feels like the week goes by faster,” said Brierly Battleson.

Emri Jenkins, staff writer

Every year a calendar committee made up of teachers, community members and administrators from all over the district decide what the schedule will look like the following year. This year’s committee recently completed work on next year’s calendar and submitted it to the school board for approval.

Next year’s calendar schedule came down to two choices, both similar to ones from previous years.  The first choice provided for coming to school on 10 Fridays but ending for the summer before June. The second choice had three less Fridays but required school t9 continue a couple of days into June.

Throughout the process, the committee entertained questions concerning Spring Break and winter/Christmas break. Both Calendars reflected compromises for high use activity days and traditional vacation days. Once the committee arrived at the two calendars, all district employs voted on which one they preferred and chose the first calendar that has more Friday school days but allows for a release in May rather than going into June.

The voting was close. Mr.Guild said he would rather go into June, but if it  was up to him, he would put some of the days from spring brake back into our schedule, because some kids in our valley rarely go anywhere for spring break.

Sophomore Hyden Veigel would rather have more Friday’s rather than go into June and keep the whole week for spring break. Luke Linford agreed with Veigel and expressed a similar opinion.
Croix Jenkins doesn’t mind coming to school on Friday if it means a full spring break.
Those hoping for less days in school next year will likely be disappointed. The district has to hold a certain number of school days by state requirement. When to have those days is always a matter of hotly debated opinion,  but next year’s schedule, at least, will look almost identical to the one currently in use.