Students Make Best of Cold Weather for Outdoor Fun


POWDERPUFF: The snowmobile was called a motor toboggan when it was first invented. “I like to do it with my family because I like pulling around my siblings,” said Richards. 230,000 miles of marked snowmobile trails in the United States and Canada demonstrate the popularity of this winter activity.

Irrissa Guyett, staff writer

Winter in Wyoming brings with it cold temperatures and lots of snow. According to Wyoming- State Summaries, average winter minimum temperatures range from 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow also brings out a multitude of fun winter activities to enjoy. Many people take advantage of the snow to go snowboarding, ice skating, skiing, and much more.

Out of the many winter activities to choose from, most people have a favorite winter activity. Snowmobiling is a popular and favorite activity. The only really important skill needed is the knowledge of how to drive a vehicle. Furthermore, the snowmobile cuts swiftly through the snow with grace and speed. “Snowmobiling because [I usually do not] get hurt,” said Mckenzie Carlson.

That being said, incidents, while uncommon, do still happen. “Me and my brother would tie a sled to the back of a snowmobile. One time, he did a really sharp turn and [flung] me off, and I went straight into a tree,” said Hunter Thompson. Luckily, there was some snow buildup and no one got hurt.

Other people tend to enjoy indoor winter activities as opposed to skiing and snowmobiling. For example, Thompson enjoys staying inside on cold winter days. “I just love reading in front of a fire,” she said. Just add a cup of hot chocolate to increase the cozy atmosphere on cold days.

Downhill skiing brings out the inner thrill seeker in many people. When skiing, adventurous skiers can glide down a hill at very high speeds. “I love the speed that I can get and method mountain trails,” said Sierra Walker. Dylan Richards also loves the speed of skiing down a steep hill. “I like the thrill of skiing downhill really fast. For some reason, I like to crash. A lot.”

When Richards first started skiing, he was unprepared for the difficult learning curve. He may have also been a little overconfident in his ability to ski. “My first time ever skiing, I tried to go down the hardest hill that was at the place because I severely underestimated how hard skiing was. Within fifteen seconds, I was already rolling down the hill.” Most winter activities do have the risk of something going wrong. However, for most people, the possibility of fun outweighs the risk.

In many cold states, the snow brings a fun new array of activities to enjoy. These activities are unavailable in the summer, so winter brings unique opportunities. The snow also allows Jackson Hole, Wyoming to make more money off of seasonal skiers rushing up to Snow King. Most people make the best of where they live and enjoy the cold season!