Capitol Riots Unprecedented in American Transition of Power


CAPITOL CHAOS: Trump supporters break into the Capitol Building in protest of the November Presidential Election results. President Trump was accused of encouraging the violence. 

Elsie England, staff writer

During COVID lockdown, riots became commonplace in 2020. Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police and last but not least, the presidential election. This whole year has been a roller coaster! Events happen, things start to return to normal, and then something else strikes another stir-up.

Joe Biden won the election was recently sworn in as America’s newest president leaving many Trump supporters doubting how Biden even won, and claiming voter fraud and foul play.

On January 6th, Trump supporters started a riot in Washington and pushed to break into the Capitol Building. Several people died due to the press of other protesters against them, one woman was shot inside the building, one police officer was killed and another committed suicide.

“What happened at the Capitol was embarrassing. That is the kind of scene we see on the news happening in developing countries, not in the United States. Our nation stands as a light on the hill, an example to people seeking freedom around the world. We are better than this. We always have been. I pray we always will be,” said Mr. McKay Young.

On Wednesday, January 20th, Joe Biden was sworn into office. Due to the pandemic, only about 100 people came to the event. President Trump, who now faces impeachment by the Senate, did not attend Biden’s inauguration, perhaps for the best considering the accusations of abuse of power and the encouragement of violent being leveled at the former president. “I think we stopped taking for granted how cool it is that for over two centuries we have peacefully transitioned from one party to other so many times,” said Young.

History teachers like Mr. Young hope teaching about past mistakes can help prevent them reoccurring in the future. Hopefully American will learn from the Capitol riots and never repeat them, making sure America continues to be a place many in the world everybody wants to be in.