Key Lady Brave Injured, Will Miss Season

LAST SEASON: The senior Lady Braves assemble, looking as good off the court as on. Page Nield, pictured with her team, will miss this season due to a knee injury. “It sucks that I can’t play, and I’m sad about it, but I’m glad I can still travel with them and support them,” said Nield.

Elsie England, staff writer

What new secrets do the Star Valley Lady Braves have to help them dominate their next games and take the W? The Lady Braves have moved up to 4A classification this year. Though they are now facing the challenge of playing teams from larger schools, they’re playing hard and fighting to win each tournament.

This year one of the senior girls, Page Nield, sustained an injury before the season even got started. Usually a huge part of the teams success, Nield will miss the whole season. Senior guard Brierly Battleson said, “Page, honestly, is our whole team, haha. If she was still able to play I think we would be doing a little better.”

Even with one teammate down, the Lady Braves are finding ways to attack and win this season. The girls need to push each other to achieve their goals. Senior Emri Jenkins said “One thing that Coach Erickson says is ‘Go get the d**n ball’.”

Personal trainer named Zeke comes to each practice for about half an hour to make the girls stronger. Emma Thompson said, “When Zeke comes he works us hard, and it sucks, but it will do us good in the long run!” Stronger girls are more aggressive and able to play good defense and score.

Other than the addition of working with the trainer, this Lady Braves’ season looks much like those that came before it. “We have to wear yellow shirts to practice this year,” said junior Kamryn Thompson. “The coaches come up with ‘quick hitters’ that help us score when the other team isn’t expecting us to.”

With the Lady Braves playing tougher teams this year, they haven’t won as many games as they would like. “We can’t quite find the flow of our team yet, but when we do we will be unstoppable,” said Jenkins.

The Lady Braves are dealing with the pressure of playing teams from big schools and want to start winning more other than their lone win against Pinedale and are working hard to keep getting the W’s. As they continue to get stronger by working with their trainer and start to get together as a team, look for the Lady Braves to start putting marks in the win column.