Christmas Break Brings Needed Change

Honour Dickey
LUCKY: Honour Dickey received new headphones for her Christmas present. In 1958, John Koss created the first stereo headphones. “I love listening to music while I am doing other activities, so it’s very nice not having a cord in my way.”

Irrissa Guyett, staff writer

Despite the fact that COVID-19 is still present, Christmas break was still filled with love, fun, and presents this year! Christmas break gives students a chance to celebrate Christmas with family and friends every year. In 2020, Christmas break lasted from Dec. 23- Jan. 1.

With little to no homework during Christmas break, students can use this time to enjoy fun activities like ice skating. When ice skating, the only real danger is falling down. “I also went ice skating with some friends and have a bruise to prove it,” said Honour Dickey.

Sledding is another fun activity most people love to do with friends and family. With all the snow this Christmas, the timing was perfect! “We hung out with a bunch of family and went sledding,” said Taryn Klindt.

Many people hit the slopes for another alternative activity over Christmas break . Skiing involves traveling over snow on skis at high speeds. “I went skiing,” said Mckayla Brog.

Many college students use Christmas break as a time to be with family. After being away for so long, it’s a great opportunity to have fun with family and friends. “I spent time with my brothers that came down from college, and we got snow machines and rode around a bit,” said Jamie Turner.

Dickey also had family home over Christmas break. She used this quality time to bond with them. “All of my siblings came home, and I was happy to see them. I played Mario Party with my brother and sister for 3-6 hours a day.”

Sometimes people throw parties to celebrate the Christmas or New Years. Celebrating with family makes them that much more special! Many people make special trips to see their family over the holidays. “The 24th I went to my grandparents for a Christmas Eve party. They live in Idaho Falls now,” said Bradyn Jenkins. With bordering states so close, it is a shorter drive for some to visit family. Some people in Wyoming take advantage of this. For example, McKenna Frazier visited family in Logan, Utah.

Christmas break gives students some much needed time away from school. Many colleges experience empty halls as students travel home for the holiday. Most students come back feeling refreshed and ready to see their friends again. “I was definitely ready to see my friends again, but not for getting up early or tests. Other than those reasons, it was a much needed mental break that let me come back to school more focused than before,” said Dickey.

Christmas break is a wonderful chance to relax and spend time with family. Furthermore, with the second semester of school beginning, it is a chance for students to improve on their first semester efforts. Student’s grades are reset and they come back ready to take on another semester of school!