Fashion Shows Self Expression

READY: Junior Kaiya Hornung shows off her best outfit in her bedroom mirror.

Elsie England, staff writer

Keeping up with fashion trends is hard work with new trends coming out frequently and old trends that keep coming back. Many students dress to impress and their outifts can say a lot about them and their preferences and how they want to express themselves.

Trends seen around include mom jeans, skater girl, biker shorts, dudes for boys and girls, athletic wear, flannel with a hoodie, and jersey over hoodies. Living in the small town, we are often behind on trends, but we never seem to miss them.

With all the crazy cute styles, it’s a wonder how people come up with their ideas. Kaiya Hornung said, “ I get inspiration from Emma Chamberlain, tiktok, and I spend a lot of time on Pinterest.”

Social media is a great way to find inspiration for new fits and style but wearers may worry  they cannot pull it off the way the their influencer did.  “I use my style as a confidence boost and as a way to express myself! You can also never have too many accessories!” said Hornung.

Just like Hornung, Morgan Scaffide gets her inspiration from social media like Pinterest and Instagram. Scaffide said, “My favorite trend is probably the baggy jeans or carpenter pants.”

High-waisted Mom jeans from the 80’s have come back in style bringing baggy pants back with them. “I wear what I do because I like it, and there isn’t much else that goes into it,” Scaffide said.

Emma Chamberlain, a YouTuber, is definitely a girl that wears what she wants and likes. She uses her outfits as a way to express herself and show who she is. Just like Hornung, Kylie Erickson gets inspiration from Emma Chamberlain and fellow influencer Amanda Pavillards. Erickson said, “My favorite trend right now would have to be Doc Martins and thrifted clothes because you can find so many unique pieces.” Erickson dresses the way she does because she likes to try new trends.

With all the trends, some people keep their outfits simple like hoodies under the jersey, nike Air Force 1’s, and  jeans. “I like flannel,” said JaAren Smith.

When it comes to self expression, clothing and accessories are a must. Getting inspiration from influencers online and bringing them into the school starts trends and inspires other people to dress to express.