5 Seniors Begin Last Season as Lady Braves

BASKETBALL BESTIES: Seniors Brierly Battleson and Emma Thompson are close on and off the court. “I love playing with my best friend Brierly,” said Thompson.

Whitnee Hale, staff writer

Last year’s basketball season did not end the way the Lady Braves expected or wanted. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the did not attend the state tournament they fought so hard to get to.

Without closure from the past season, the Lady Braves excitedly returned to in the gym this year. Although six players returned for their senior season, only five will suite up since Page Nield is out with a knee injury. This experience bodes well for the team’s success in the coming months. “I would never want to play basketball with anyone else,” said Emri Jenkins.

This group of senior girls have played together for many years. “I’ve been playing with them since 6th grade travel team,” said senior Emma Thompson. One of the best parts of a team is the friendships and bonds they make throughout the seasons.

“We are really close as a team when we all come together,” Thompson said.

Throughout the past two weeks, the Lady Braves have competed against the top three teams in 4A and have begun the season with more losses than wins. However, things are looking bright for the future. “I think the last two weekends were positive. I think we can compete with any team in 4A,” senior Addie Butler said. “We’ve learned a lot from these past few weekends,” added Battleson.

Seniors on the team take on more responsibility to lead to the younger players, serve as role modesl on and off the court, and set the tone for practices and games. “Being a senior definitely has a lot of leadership that comes with it. I’m just trying to be a good example,” says Thompson.

As freshman, many think that high school will be the longest four years of their lives, but, as the years go by, seniors often look back and realize how fast the time actually goes. “High school goes by way too fast, so I would tell the underclassmen to live out every practice and every game because before you know it, you’ll be a senior and it’ll be your last game,” says Butler.

Battleson agreed. “Just work hard every year so you can be as good as you want when you’re a senior and have these fun memories that you’ll remember forever!”