Tik Tok Locals Gaining Followers

COWBOY CULTURE: Senior Cody Gustafson represents Wyoming ways through his Tik Toks.

Addie Butler

Tik To, a popular app for high schoolers and adults all around the United States and the world, originated in China and is an app to share videos from 3 second to 1 minute.

With an estimated 850 Million users, some people have become famous for producing content on the platform and make  money on the amount of views their videos get. You can get Tik Tok at a young or a older age.

Many famous Tiktokers live in California, and while Star Valley is no California, some locally famous Tik Tokkers continue to crank out new material.

“Tik Tok’s are fun to make, and it is fun to put the videos you take and make a Tik Tok and share what you make to others,” said senior Payson Holtman. He enjoys making Tik Tok’s on horn hunting and other outdoor activities. Not only does Holtman enjoy making Tik Toks,  he also enjoys watching them. His favorite Tik Tok user is Addison Rae.

Emma Erickson also enjoys making Tik Tok’s along with her friends like Halli Hoopes and sister Elle Erickson. “I like Tik Tok a lot, and I always like to learn new dances, even though I am not good at them. I have so many drafts that I have not posted yet, probably around 1,000. They are so fun to make,” said Erickson.

Senior Cody Gustafson has 10.2K followers on Tik Tok and around 82.9K likes. Who would have thought cowboy Cody would be part of this social media app? The most famous video that he posted was him bareback riding in a rodeo. That video got 598.6K views and the views continue to grow. Gustafson has found it awesome watching so many people view the video and like and comment on it.












Tik Tok is such a fun app for exploring new trends, meeting new people, and getting celebrity and news scoops. Anything you can think of has Tik Tok, and it only takes 3 seconds to a minute to check them out!