Students Becoming More Attractive While Glowing Up

Students Becoming More Attractive While Glowing Up

Kamryn Thompson, staff writer

It’s crazy how much people can change! Everyone went through a rough time called middle school, and that’s where all the changing happens. In today’s slang, people use the words “glow up” which means how much a person has changed over time. If you want a good laugh you and your friends should go look at pictures from when you were all little!

McKenna Frazier said, “I hated elementary school and middle school because I just was so awkward, and didn’t care how I looked. The part that was the worst was when I hadn’t fixed my hair and still had bed head and wore an outfit that wasn’t matching. My parents wouldn’t even tell me I looked bad; they just let me walk out the door. I feel like I have had a glow up, and then I actually look pretty good now a days.”

Emree Erickson said, “I now know how to do makeup and fix my hair, and I have gone through braces, so no more brace face. I finally am all caught up with the clothing trends.”

Karsen Spaulding said, “I looked dumb in elementary school and I still look dumb in sigh school. I feel like I have started wearing more clothes that are up to style though.”