Bright Hair Colors Becoming New Trend

PURPLE PASSION: Stella Burgess takes a super cute picture with the snapchat filters.

Elsie England, staff writer

Hair constantly changes. People can go from from brown to blonde, long to short, straight to curly, and students are enjoying the freedom to experiment.

Principal Horsley seems to be taking a more relaxed approach to enforcing the rule of no bright colors, and students have been taking advantage.

Few people get the idea to die their hair on their own. A majority get inspiration from celebrities and people off of the internet. Chesney King said, “I got inspiration to do the pink from Charlie D’amelio.” She did it because she like how it looked on Charlie and wanted it for herself. “It makes me feel empowered,” said Chesney.

Music is a very important thing for high school students who are always walking in the the halls or sitting in the classroom with ear buds in, listening on repeat, loving the bands and wanting to be like them. “I got inspiration from Blondie Rocker. I love the tone and how its more silver than blonde. I just love the freedom of dying hair,” said junior Hunter Thompson sai. Blondie Rocker is an American rock band and is Thompson’s favorite band.

Stella Burgess and Jolie Nunn created their own inspiration. They just wanted to express themselves and do something different from other kids. Burgess said, “I didn’t mean to go this dark, but I like it. I like how I can express myself through dying my hair.”

Bright colors seem to be trending now, but what will students do next with their hair?

“I think I’m gonna do teal next,” said Burgess.

“I am gonna do red,” said Thompson.

“I think I’ll try purple next,” said King.

With the courage to do bright colors, these students and other are having fun and inspiring others. Do something fun and different now with your hair  before Horsley has a change of mind.