Gamers Form League of Legends League Club Team

League of Legends held a championship that had over a million viewers with a prize pool of 2.5 million dollars

Gamers Form League of Legends League Club Team

Deegan Foley, staff writer

With online gaming so big right now, it was only a matter of time until students formed an E-Sports team. As many know from seeing the flyers in the hall, League of Legends has com to the school and participants have formed a club called, appropriately enough, League of Legends.

League of legends is an MMO and one of the biggest competitive games online right now. Club members  plan on competing against other schools.

“This all started just between me and a couple of friends who started gaming together every once in a while. Then we decided that there were probably quite a few kids in the school who enjoyed the game. We then worked on finding times and places in the school where we could include others and make this a serious activity and our dreams were realized.” said senior club founder Cole Tibbitts.

Senior Ethan Brigham wants people to know the game is enjoyable and something everyone can get into.

Derian Perry joined the club on advice from friends. “It’s really exciting when you start because its all trial and error. You have to learn techniques and your team mates and your opponent. It takes time dedication and hard work. But it’s for everyone and I would  suggest giving it a try.”

From experienced gamers to newbies, Everyone seems to enjoy playing, and the League of Legends club is the place to do it.