Parking Lot Popular, Potentially Dangerous


OPEN RANGE: The high school parking lot is home to all kinds of animals.

Jill England, staff writer

Everyday about a hundred cars go in and out of the high school parking lot, each driver with a preferences on where to park. Even if everyone doesn’t park in the exact parking spot everyday, they still try and park in their preferred area.

Some students cars make it so they have to park in certain areas of the parking lot. Junior Cheyenne Hall said, “I like to park in the boonies and take up two parking spots because my truck doesn’t fit in one. It’s easy to park where I park but I can’t fit anywhere else.”

Other students prefer to park in a spot that doesn’t require them to walk very far. “I just try to get as close as I can! But sometimes it’s hard to fit into spaces because of my truck! It hasn’t been too bad so far, but we’ll just wait until the snow comes,” said Gentry Hendriks.

Similar to Gentry, Cadence  Truchot also likes to park somewhere that she can get to the school quickly from. “I prefer to park in the middle section of the parking lot and as close to the school as I can get because I’m usually running late, so it’s faster for me to get to class or get out of the parking lot fast,” said Truchot.

When so many cars driving through the parking lot, it is not always easy to drive so an accident is bound to happen. “It’s easy to park in the parking lot, on the other hand, backing up and pulling out is a whole other story. Some kid already backed into my new car last week because he didn’t check his rear view mirror. Then there are some people don’t care to share the road, so you just have to check every mirror repeatedly so you don’t accidentally hit someone!” said Truchot.

When accidents happen, Resource Officer Hunting gets involved. Along with following up on illegal narcotics, assaults, and weapons violations in 9 schools, Hunting also has also works to ensure traffic safety. When he catches people speeding  or recklessly and carelessly on campus  he issues warnings, school referrals  and, depending on the violations, citations/arrests through the various courts.

“I always instruct all drivers, both young and old, to drive responsibly and realize accidents happen in mere seconds and can cause life-changing effects to those involved.  Due to our location weather also has a huge factor in our motor vehicle operations.  So take a step back and slow down. Make it to your  reach your destination safe and sound without harm by obeying all traffic laws and being safe/responsible while behind the wheel,” said Hunting.

Hunting stress that “safety is a community effort. If you see a violation, please let us know, our LCSO Dispatch numbers# emergency 911, non-emergent calls, 307 885-5231.

Most students start and end their day at school in the parking lot. While getting to and from you favorite parking spot, take Officer Hunting’s words to heart and safely consider others using the space.