Students Hope for Normal Holiday Season


DEAR SANTA: Students hoping for a happy surprise on Christmas morning also want a return to normal.

Gracee Cazier, staff writer

Can COVID-19 ruin Christmas along with most of 2020? Holiday joy is one thing many have looked forward to this year. In the middle of this pandemic mess, students still have a wishlist. Ranging from technology to outdoor equipment, students hope Santa is in a generous mood this year.

Senior Cache Bagley has a pretty good idea of what he wants. “I asked for a high-power rifle. It’s kind of like a pellet gun but you pump it with air. I asked for this so I can shoot squirrels and stuff.”

Many students hope to find new technology like the iPhone 12 in their stocking come Christmas morning. “I know I won’t get it, but the iPhone 12 would be really cool,” said freshman Shaely Kunz.

Sophomore Ridge Nield would like to join the crew of people who’s music you can hear thumping from Alpine by asking for a subwoofer. “I asked for a sub because I want people to FEEL my music, and I don’t mind getting a back rub while driving,” said Nield.

The Christmas spirit is alive and aspirations for a wonderful holiday are high. Students want nothing more than to return to school flexing their Air Force 1’s, winding up a new truck turbo, chatting on a new phone, or vibrating the parking lot with their tunes.

Getting something awesome for Christmas would go a long ways in returning to normal.