Best Friends Stick Together Since Day One

Junior Mia Hutchinson and Preston Buehler have been best friends since kindergarten. Hutchinson said, “What has kept us being friends for so long is because we make so many memories together. One of the craziest things we have done was going runner sledding when we were, like, four. We have become siblings it feels like, and I hope it stays that way! Buehler said, “Well we have been friends for this whole time because she is cool and puts up with me. We used to live right by each other, and we did everything together, but then I moved. My parents even considered her as one of their own. I hope when we are in college that we still are besties, and I’ll go support her at her future volleyball games.”

Kamryn Thompson, staff writer

Best friends make everything better. It’s even better when you best friends have been together since they were tiny because they grew up making memories together.

The words “best friends” bring to mind that one friend, the one friend always there when something was needed or that one friend always invited to go on an adventure with, to drive around with and talk.

Students in a small community almost guarantee best friends will see each other all the time, so they could not imagine life without one another.