Pets Abound

Cats, dogs, and a snake!

Irrissa Guyett, staff writer

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households, or about eighty five million families, own a pet according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners survey conducted by the American Pets Products Association. That’s a ton of households! Furthermore, there are many different pet options to choose from to fit your needs. From dogs, cats, snakes, mice, and so much more, there are countless choices. Out of all of the potential pets out there, what pets do students love?

Bulldogs have grown tremendously in popularity. The Guardian reports a 323% jump in registrations seen for the breed across the U.S. since 2003, this according to the American Kennel Club.

Another popular dog breed, Cesky terriers, are as determined and prey-driven as any other earth dog, but are also mellower than a typical terrier. Melanie Perez has both breeds. “The first one is Puffy, it’s a bulldog. The second one is also a bulldog and his name is Chappo. The third one, it’s a Cesky or something like that, and his name is CoCo. For all of them, I don’t like how they destroy everything and for what I like about them is that they’re really kind,” said Perez.

Many households keep cats as pets, and surprisingly high number keep snakes! National Pet Owners Survey found that about 800,000 U.S. households are estimated to keep snakes. West Hoggan said, “I have two cats, there’s Chester and Lea. I have a snake, a ball python, and his name is Jupiter. Chester’s a big sweetheart most of the time, super cuddly, but he decides that he wants to wake us up for food like ten minutes before our alarm in the morning. Jupiter, there’s not much downside, but I have to feed him dead rats/mice which is kinda gross. However, he’s so cute and I love him so much and he’ll crawl on my shoulders.”

Dogs and cats are most likely the most popular pets in the U.S. Most people that have pets own a dog or cat. Sage Rainey, no exception, declared that, “I have a dog and her name’s Dusty. I have a cat and his name is Sammy. I just like them in general, but then sometimes they’re very annoying.”

Pets offer a sense of companionship and many people love them dearly and cherish spending time with their pets. Yet, sometimes pets get themselves into some amusing situations. Perez and Hoggan shared a funny story about something their pet has done in the past.

Perez said, “It was snowing and one of them ran and they just fell on their back and then they just laid there.”

Cats are usually natural born hunters, stalking mice and other small rodents to eat or bring home as a lovely present. Hoggan said, “At my old house, we had a lot of grasshoppers around our neighborhood. And Lea had a specific grasshopper meow, as we called it, that she would go outside and catch grasshoppers. Then she would come in and just make like this unmistakeable meow and just drop the dead grasshopper on the floor where we could see it, and sometimes it was still alive.”

Pets are soft, cute, and can cheer people up after a hard day. With so many lovable pets to choose from, it’s very likely that pets will continue to be loved by many people around the world.