Student Section Needs More Noise, People


MAKE SOME NOISE: Superfans are a key component of the home sports’ atmosphere.

Deegan Foley, staff writer

As we all know, masks are still required for the student cheering section during ball games. But that just means we should be that much louder! Even with covered faces, Brave fans should make big noise to show our team the support they deserve.

With volleyball and football winding down, fans have only so many chances left to scream for these teams before wrestling and basketball draws their attention. Even with the restrictions, many have taken the chance to superfan so far.

Home football games draw some of  the biggest crowds of students, but have they been loud enough this season? “I thought I was yelling very loudly; in fact, I even have a few cheers of my own, but I guess the masks really make a difference, and we’ll just have to be louder,” said senior Peter Visser about his efforts at the homecoming game against Cody.

Senior football player Kai Farley said, “The superfans should be the loudest  out there. Their goal should be to be louder than the band, so when I can hear myself yelling from the sideline I know ithey’re not quite there.”

Senior Karsen Spaulding thinks he’s doing enough to support the teams. “We’re being plenty loud; the fact that I’m losing my voice by the end of the first quarter should prove that,” said Spaulding.

The question of crowd noise this season came up when a group of band kids noticed they have kind of a hard time hearing the student section unless something like a touchdown happens. Having said that,  there are some who are being plenty loud and should keep it up. But if anyone can give a bigger, louder sound, bring that side out of you and show your support to the Braves in the home events ahead.

MOB MENTALITY: The cheerleaders use the superfans to raise spirit at a home football game. Although superfans have showed up from time to time, they have yet to reach the numbers and volume needed to help our home games live up to our reputation.