New Bottle Fillers Improvement over Fountains


HGH QUALITY H20: Kash Lancaster fills up his water bottle in between class at one of the new filling stations.

Brant Nelson, staff writer

Sticking your water bottle to the side of the fountain and fighting the problem of never being able to fill it up all the way with water running out when it’s only half way full has finally come to an end at the school.

Many students and teachers have eagerly waited for water bottle fillers for a while now to make filling bottles more convenient and faster. It took an pandemic to get them. COVID-19 had shut down the drinking fountain, so students had to resort to bottles filled at home. The new plumbing has helped make a safer, cleaner, and more convenient way for students around the school to get water. “I think it’s a great way for students to get water at this time when they are unable to drink out of water fountains,” said Mr. Peterson.

“I think they are awesome! They make it a nice clean way to fill up water bottles for students keeping everything covid safe,” said Mrs. Clark from the main office.

Eighty percent of plastic water bottles once used in school and thrown away are now eliminated with many more students reusing water bottles when a water bottle filler is around.

“I think it’s very fancy. It’s super nice to use and for all students to use. I think it was put in at perfect time with Covid,” said Davis Burton.