Covid Choir Sounding out in Video


MUSIC VIDEO MADNESS: Singcopation records their music video in the heart of Star Valley. Making a video in place of a traditional concert allowed the group to share their talents with audiences while still maintaining distance during the pandemic.

Whitnee Hale, staff writer

Sports have not been the only thing altered byCovid 19. School choirs have also had to allow for social distancing and face coverings.

The bigger choirs, like Concert Chorale and Mixed Choir, have had to sing in the auditorium, six feet apart instead of their usual place in the choir room. If director Kari Allred wants to hear them close together, the singers have to mask up.

Smaller choirs, such as Treble Tones and Singcopation, still get to rehearse six feet apart in the choir room.

It’s harder to sing out when you’re in the auditorium spaced out than when you’re in the choir room close together,” said Concert Chorale member and freshman Casey Beeson.

Senior Davis Burton agrees. “It’s annoying for sure, but if we have to do it to sing with our friends and have a hoot, then whatever.”

FRESHMAN: Casey Beeson said, “I think the music videos are a great idea to try something new.” Beeson loves the idea, and so do many other students!

Because choirs were unable to give a fall concert, Allred came up with a fun, creative way for the students to still show their skills: making a music video. “I knew that concerts would probably be out of the question for the fall, so I wanted to come up with something fun and creative to motivate us as we rehearsed. I just thought music videos would be a fun and unique way to perform our music, and we got very lucky with SVI being able to help out,” Allred said.

Students love the idea of the music videos! “It stills gives us an opportunity to be rewarded for our hard work,” said senior Paysen Robinson.

Although things are different, choir has continued to be enjoyable for the students at SVHS.

SING IT LOUD: All the choirs, including SVMS, came together to showcase their talents during the making of the choir music video.

Although students have had to change how they sing together, they are still enjoying choir. Many things have changed, but students still manage to find joy in the bad times. There could have been no choir this school year at all and the singers feel lucky to have the opportunity to sing in choir!