Students Have Mixed Emotions over Furry Friends

MOLLY ‘N ME: Cameron Erickson’s little brother, Roman, cheeses with dog Molly on the snowmobile.

McKenna Brog, staff writer

Did you know that nearly 80 million U.S. households have a pet? That’s a lot. According to a 2015-2016 survey by the APPA, there are 77.8 million pet dogs in the U.S. and 85.8 million pet cats.

Pets in general, but especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression as well as ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve cardiovascular health. Caring for an animal can also help children grow up more secure and active. Most people don’t really think about all this stuff when they are begging their parents for a new furry friend around the house.

Junior Ryker White has a Boxer/Cane Corso mix named Oden. White has only had him for a year and got him from his step-brother. Oden is quire the character. He is a very playful dog. “He likes to bite me a lot,” said White.

Senior Jacie Angell a Blue Heeler mix mutt. “I only have my dog because my little sister begged my parents to get another one after mine got ran over by a car while I was on one of my runs. I did not want another dog. I don’t like dogs. I guess I  don’t hate them either though,” said Angell who taught her dog Tip one trick.

Sophmore Cameron Erickson loves her dog named Molly and likes to do anything outside with her dog. “She goes camping with us, rides the four wheeler, and just anything really when we are outside.” Erickson got Molly three years ago when her dad finally caved. Erickson really loves Molly because she is very fun to play with when she is bored.Her brother Hazen helped come up with the name Molly.

Junior Steven Schwab has two cats, both males. “One is annoying and one is lovable and cuddly.” Their names are Marshmallow and Waffles, and Schwab says his family got both cats for a specific reason. “We have them to catch mice.”  Schwab said they are tolerable, but that his sisters disagree.

Sophmore Jacob Hodges has a dog named Brookes named after Brooke’s Range mountains in Canada.  Hodges said he doesn’t like his dog because “he’s loud and he barks.” In fact, he doesn’t like to do anything with his dog. “We have him because my brother likes dogs,” said Hodges.

Freshmen Cameron Kendall has both a cat and a dog. The cat named, Ali Cat, joined the family two years ago on Cameron’s little sister’s birthday. His dog’s name is Bella, a labradoodle and Kendall thinks is a “pain.” She is not liked around the house because she likes to chew on and eat everything.  According to Kendall, Ali Cat stays pretty quiet and does a very nice job at keeping the mice away. Kendall’s sure to point out what a great cuddle buddy his cat is.

These students are all grateful for their furry friends, even if they admit that they don’t necessarily bring them the most joy. Pets are great to have around the house and are great company.