Trump Trying to Terminate Tik Tok

Trump Trying to Terminate Tik Tok

JaAren Smith, staff writer

Many students put a lot of time into Tik Tok, an app that makes a short video out of anything from dancing to showing off a new truck.

Tik Tok has been around for a couple years but hast grown in popularity up until about a year ago when President Trump claimed that Tik Tok, a Chinese company, was gathering info on users from their videos. Despite the possible threat, students still love using the app to share little parts of their lives and entertain their friends.

“I spend around around 45 minutes a day on Tik Tok, and I don’t really care about Trump’s plan to delete the app. It doesn’t affect me,” said Sophia Steglich.

Kolter Merritt spends around 2 hours daily on the app but says he supports Trump no matter what, even if it means deleting the app.

Kale Johnson spends around 6 hours a week on Tik Tok just re watching all of Addison Rae’s videos. He said, “I would hate it if Trump deletes the app because then I can’t watch my Addison Rae.”

Karsen Spaulding uses Tik Tok  hours each day trying to learn how to dance, and doesn’t believe Trump will shut down the app.

Students really love this app and spend hours on it watching and dancing to some of their favorite songs. Many students also love President Trump and would hate it if he succeeded in banning the app, but for now, Tik Tok on!