Negative Opinions Surround Presidential Candidates


RUMBLE: Biden vs Trump is shaping us to be a dirty fight.

Deegan Foley, staff writer

As everyone knows, the 2020 presidential election is coming up, and tensions between the two parties are rising.

Trying to see the point of view of of each side will help everyone understand who they should be looking forward to as the next President. Not surprisingly, people have strong opinions about the candidates. President Trump supporters and detractors have been vocal and visible about their feelings, but how to people feel about Joe Biden?

“I don’t understand what would posses a person to vote for a dysfunctional shriveled up man with dementia that doesn’t know how to speak in complete sentences,” said senior Jessen Frericks.

Sophomore Adam Helgeson said, “I’m not a big fan of either of the candidates. I feel like Trump is just a super racist and a mega creep. Biden is at least likable and someone who likes people and cares for their well-being .”

One anonymous student feels totally indifferent as to who wins. “Neither of them are totally right in the head.”

Who will win is still up to the voters, but it appears that strong feelings will accompany the upcoming election.