Teenage Trump Support Visible

Elsie England, staff writer

The presidential election coming up in November  has teens in school going crazy and taking sides. Teens love to voice their opinions and just like their candidate, Trump supporters are not shy about saying and showing what they think. From Trump flags to Trump masks, many students are making it clear who they want in the Oval Office for the next four years.

What compels some teenage Trump supporters to take such a visible stand on their presidential candidate?

Jessen Frericks said “I fly my flag to show support for the election but mostly to help represent the boys.”

“I love Trump even though I can’t vote yet. I want to show my support, and I love p***ng off Liberals and Democrats. It’s a blast,” said Raf Greene

J.J. Hunsaker said, “I have a Trump flag on my truck because I support him as our president and would like to see him there longer.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new fashion accessory, the face mask, and students have taken the chance to show their support for the president while sitting in class or walking around the halls or at school events with their masks.

Why Trump and not Biden?

“I do not like him and his point of view on things are stupid and he’s not supportive of the things I love and believe in,” said Greene.

Hyden Veigel said, “I like how Trump keeps all his promises.”

Trump spirit has become almost as visible as school spirit.

Brightyn Johns said, “My favorite way to show support is definitely my visor and Trump flag.”

Ali Kilroy said, “I love wearing my Trump hat out on the lake hitting the waves.”

As popular as the president is in some circles, he is just as unpopular in others. What makes these supporters so sure he will win? “I think he will win. He is what this country needs to keep it going. I like how he is straight forward and speaks his mind rather than hiding things. I like how he has kept his promises he made before [becoming] president,” said J.J. Hunsaker.

Wyoming is traditionally a red state that votes for a conservative, Republican presidential candidate. This indicates that President Trump will win Wyoming’s three electoral votes, but will support like that being shown here help him carry the rest of the country? Only time will tell.