Students Weigh in on COVID Rules


NEW WAYS NEW THOUGHTS: Students study while masked up. Masks have joined notebooks and iPads as the most common things seen in the classroom.

Gabe Nield, staff writer

School is back, and many students returned with different opinions on what they think about the COVID rules.

WHAT IS GOING ON? Signs, rules, and procedures greeted students’ return to campus leaving many to wonder if they can just go back to normal and how long will we be doing this for?

Stoker Neuenschwander said, “I think it’s stupid. I feel like it’s all political. Nobody cares about COVID no [sic] more. It’s all about being worried somebody will sue.”

Conner Hart takes a more resigned approached.  “I don’t agree with them. I think they are pretty ridiculous. But if the rules are what keeps us able to play sports, I’ll follow them for now.”

 One of the requirements set by the state healthy board is the wearing of masks when students can’t maintain six feet of social distancing. Many students wear them don’t like doing so. “ I hated coming back because everything’s so weird with all the teachers being so strict with the masks. I like to be in school and hang with friends, but I hate all the things that have changed,” said TJ Hunsaker.

Greg Brown sees an upside in the new reality. “I Really like how COVID has changed the way school is for me because I have online and can get my work done, and also I can hunt and do the things I like to do. School isn’t super fun and I would rather hang out, so being at home one day and school the other is super nice for me personally.”

All the new rules can fluster both the students and the staff,  but in the end, many would say that it is good to be back!