School Experiencing Drastic Changes Due to Coronavirus

DRINK UP: Drinking fountains are now being used as water bottle filling stations.

Irrissa Guyett, staff writer

A new school year has begun again. However, with this new school year comes many new changes to protect  students from a possible Coronavirus outbreak in the school. Some of these changes include: no more hot lunches, cafeteria changes to encourage kids to eat outside, masks, no more drinking from the fountains, and many more. While these changes are here to protect everyone, they are seen by many students as downgrades from last year.

One new change that school has seen this year is that hot lunches are no longer available. Instead, students can get sack lunches or wraps and salads in plastic tubs. However, this also means that the variety of meals is limited, as you can only package so many meals in sack lunches and plastic tubs. Sophomore West Hoggan states that she misses the hot lunches because “there were so many different varieties.”

“I feel like there were a lot more options when there was hot lunch,” added Sophomore Isabel Castillo. Castillo also no longer use the drinking fountains, instead choosing to go without water for the entire school day. “But I drink lots of water when I get home,” she said.

To maintain a healthy environment, the school has asked students to use the drinking fountains just for filling up water bottles. However, filling up water bottles is time consuming and bothersome. “I do prefer drinking from a water fountain,” said West Hoggan. When rushing between classes, it’s easy to stop by a fountain for a quick drink. However, with the new regulations on the drinking fountains, this is impossible.

The last major change implemented at the school this year is wearing masks if students cannot stay six feet apart. Most agree that masks are hot, stuffy and generally an unpleasant experience, yet the Center for Disease Control and Prevention state that wearing masks and social distancing when possible are the best ways to prevent another outbreak of Coronavirus. “I think they are a necessary solution to COVID-19,” said Hoggan. While many students dislike wearing masks, their use is required.

Though these changes, along with other smaller changes as well, may seem inconvenient and annoying, they are a big part of why the school was able to open its doors for the 2020 school year. Students once again flood the halls between classes. School under these restrictions may not be the greatest experience of all time, but sitting at home for the school year would get boring, very fast!