Star Valley Tea

McKayla Brog, staff writer

If you have Instagram you’ve probably noticed recent “tea” accounts looming around the app, and a few of them have probably requested to follow you.

These accounts include star_valley_tea, starvalleyteaa, and starvalleyhighschoolshade. The recent profiles promote “tea”, a slang term for gossip and drama. The Instagram accounts encourage followers to message secrets, confessions, gossip, and drama; pledging to post it anonymously. The owner(s) of the accounts has not revealed his or her identity, but it is likely the same person behind all of them just trying to stir things up this year. These Instagram posts may turn up the heat on a year already full of drama due to the virus.

“I think they’re pointless! And it’s probably the freshmen,” said sophomore Cameron Erickson.

Senior Gabe Nield said, “I think they’re bull, but I still love snoopin’ through ‘em every night.”

Lauren Erickson thinks that the “accounts are dumb” and she definitely doesn’t “think they’re from Star Valley”.

SVHS counselors advise students to ignore the accounts and block or report them if necessary. They believe the accounts are run by someone over seas or in a different state and have warned students about the dangers of allowing the profiles to follow them.