Fall Fashion Trends Arrive with Students

Gracee Cazier, staff writer

As school begins, summer turns to fall, shorts turn to pants and students begin to show off their fall fashions. Having the right outfits to show off during school is very essential for some students. A good first impression can make for a good school year.

Many new stylish trends have started to roll in with the new school year. High platform sandals are one of them. They used to be quite popular in the early 2000’s and have found their way back into style. These sandals were seen in the halls  last school year and have definitely been carried into the 2020-2021 school year.

Besides clothes, students invest their money into accessories. Many of the football boys are repping chains as they crowd the halls. Ryker White said, “I think they’re fresh.They really add that extra drip for a fresh outfit.” Are chains going to last all year? “Chains are more of a fall fashion; lots of the boys will have them during the fall and then end up losing them by spring” said senior Gabe Nield.

Along with clothes and accessories, shoes have quite the impact on the outfit. Nike shoes have been very popular throughout the halls for years. Nikes are more than just workout shoes, they have been staples to some great looks. Two types of Nikes are the Air Force 1 and the Blazer.

As the seasons continue to change, student fashion will change with them as kids continue to put time, money, and thought into the clothes that make them look good.