Shrine Bowl Cancellation Affects SV Seniors


CANCELLED: The Annual Wyoming Shrine Bowl was cancelled for 2020. The game was set to be played on June 13.

RJ Cazier, staff writer

Like most years, 2020 has been full of ups and downs,  but since early March it has been mostly downs.

This is especially the case for the seniors. Many important events have been cancelled, and without another year of high school, they will not be able to experience them. Among these events was the annual Wyoming Shrine Bowl. This event may not seem like that big of deal, but to the boys who were invited to play, it was.

Players are separated into North and South teams where they go through a week of two-a-day practices before playing on Saturday. The players also take a trip to Salt Lake to visit the kids in the Shriner’s Hospital. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a special week for those involved.

This year Star Valley had four players who were invited to play: Branden McDonald, Hazen Erickson, RJ Cazier, and Dean Shaw.





























The Shrine Bowl is a great opportunity for all who are involved, from the kids, to the players, to the coaches. This 2020 cancellation may only effect a small number of people, but its effect will be lasting.