Spring Sports Cancelled


STATE CHAMPS: The 2020 seniors as sophomores after taking state, an experience they will not get a chance to repeat during their last year in track thanks to COVID-19.

Branden McDonald, staff writer


Spring sports are a huge thing. Many students look forward to spring every year because of sports. More students participate in spring sports than both fall and winter. Not this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been cancelled.

The coronavirus pandemic has shut sports down nationwide, no NBA, no MLB, no NHL, and a virtual NFL draft. The coronavirus has shut down things like Wimbledon for tennis, the Masters Tournament in golf, NCAA March Madness, the NBA Playoffs, and many MLS tournaments. Sports fans around the country are feeling the pain but none more so that the athletes who have been sidelined.

What sport did you play in the spring?

How has the coronavirus affected you and your spring sport?

Have you still been playing your sport at home?


Emma Thomson

“I play soccer, and it’s really sad to see my junior Season gone, but I mostly feel bad for the seniors. I will miss playing with Claire, Kim, and Hailey. I have ben playing a lot at home, and we are now doing this competition with the Evanston school to see how many juggles everyone can get and it is really fun to do that.”

KICKIN’GOALS: Junior Emma Thomson follows the ball as while looking for her next goal. Thomson participated on Jackson’s fall soccer team last year.

Dean Shaw

“I do track for my spring sport and ever since it got cancelled I’ve been stuck at home; however, I have been able to get out and run still, but it’s not near as fun as doing it with my friends.”

SPEED KILLS: Senior Dean Shaw’s poses for a pic after his junior season 100 meter at the state completion at Kelly Walsh High School. Shaw was a part of back-to-back championship teams in 2017 and 2018.


Frances Hunting

“Coronavirus took away my senior track season. I had a lot of goals I was hoping to accomplish and memories I planned on making. I definitely wasn’t ready for it to be over, and I never thought that indoor track would be the last time I ever competed in my sport. I have continued to run and practice triple jump at home, right up until WHSAA finalized that spring sports were officially cancelled.”

MEDAL HORDER: Senior Francis Hunting poses for her senior picture with all of the medals she has won throughout her high school career.


Chase Merrell

“I would have been playing soccer this spring if it wasn’t for the coronavirus. It has effected me because it would have helped me get faster for football and stay in shape. I have been able to play soccer at home with my little brother though, and that has been fun.”

BIG MONEY MERRELL: Senior Chase Merrell poses for the camera with his mama after last years soccer game vs. Jackson.

Kim Nield

“I do soccer and it has effected my season because it’s cancelled, and it’s my Senior season so that really sucks that I’m not gonna get that back. I haven’t been doing my sport at home because there is so much to do.”

FEET SKILLZ: Senior Kim Nield steals the ball from her opponent and looks to score last season on Braves field.”

Kysen Hebdon

“My Spring sport is track. It [coronavirus] affected my spring because I didn’t get to do track with the boys, but I have been able to horn hunt a lot more this spring though which has made me really happy”

KY DAWG: Sophomore Kysen Hebdon would normally be flingin’ the discus like he was throwing a tennis ball, but instead he has been horn hunting a lot this spring. This is a big deer horn he found this spring in Idaho.

Hannah Christie

“I did track and field, and the coronavirus has been nothing but irritating for my senior year! Ballard and the rest of the high jump gang had big plans for this year! I’m happy this doesn’t have to be my last season of track though as I will continue my career at Chadron State this fall. I have been working out at home and running around my town of Alpine finding new trails and cool places!”

HANNAH “HOPS” CHRISTIE: Hannah Christie competes at high jump last year at the state track completion in Casper.

Spencer Larson

“I play soccer in the spring, and it really sucks that I don’t get to play my senior season. I was really looking forward to it. I haven’t done my sport much. I have mainly just been skateboarding instead.”

SLIDIN’ N’ SCORIN’: Senior Spencer Larson slides into his Rock Springs opponent last season on Braves Field.

Even after the school year comes to a close, this year’s SVHS students will continue to feel affected by the COVID-19 pandemic after losing to a virus, an opponent they had no chance to beat.