Cleaning your room: Is there an easy way?


Connor Buchannan, staff writer

Everybody knows and hates that moment when their parents say, “If you don’t clean your room then…” Whatever the threat might be, no phone, no friends, or anything else, it gets us all to clean our room, at least a little bit.

On a scale of one to ten, one being super clean and ten being super messy, Paysen Robinson said his room is “about a 5.”

Onikka Olsen also gave her room a 5, describing it as “messy but organized.”

Brooke Kallgren rates her room a 3 on the clean scale but describes her life as less stressful when her room is clean.

If a clean room makes life less stressful, is there a right way to clean your room? What is the quickest and easiest way to clean your room?

With 14-18 years of experience, some of us still haven’t mastered the simple task of cleaning our rooms. Research and experience suggests that the following method is the best, easiest, and fastest way to clean a bedroom in 8 easy steps.

1. Music. Everybody loves music, and it makes the task of cleaning anything tons better.

2. Bed. Start with your bed. Make it and your room will look a lot cleaner.

3. Clothes. Fold your clean clothes using your freshly-made bed, put them away, and then pick up all your dirty clothes and take them to the laundry. This makes your room look a million times cleaner and smell better with all those stinky clothes gone.

4.  Trash. Pick up all the garbage in your room and throw it away.

5. Stuff That’s Not Yours. Everybody has some stuff in their room that doesn’t belong there. Whether it be dishes or something your siblings left there, get it out and return it to the right spot.

6. Miscellaneous. Get everything else off the floor and all surfaces like dressers, nightstands and tables. Put all this on the bed you made earlier and then sort through it. Leaving out clothes, trash and anything that’s not yours, this should be easy.

7. Vacuum. Now that your room is clean, it’s time for the vacuum. Who doesn’t like vacuuming their room? It satisfying and makes your floor clean. Everybody loves that.

8. Enjoy. You worked hard to clean your room; try to keep it this way. But as we all know, it is hard sometimes. It’s a good thing that everybody now knows the best way to clean their room just in case it gets messy again.

Go home and get to cleaning your room. Cleaning your room is good for you. It makes you and everyone else happy, reduces stress, and organizes your life. If you have nothing to do, clean your room. If you have lots to do, clean your room. It’s one less thing to worry about.