Leopard Print Growing into Fashion Trend


BIG CATS: Cassidy Cooper and Carlie McInnes cat around town in their leopard prints.

McKenna Brog, Staff Writer

A new print is becoming more commonly seen in the halls and classrooms. This print is often mistaken for “cheetah print” but is actually a lot different.

“Leopard print really hit the mainstream in 1947, when Christian Dior included it in his debut ‘New Look’ collection. Dior used leopard not as a fur or a faux fur, but as a print,” said racked.com.

“Worn by everyone from royalty to rock stars, leopard print has been both valued as luxurious and sophisticated and dismissed as kitschy and trashy,” added mentalfloss.com

Here are some of the students at this school who have been seen wearing this ‘luxurious’ fashion.

UP HIGH DOWN LOW: Emree Erickson (left) and Emma Brown (right) point at their boots and cardigan.

Emree Erickson loves her leopard print rain boots.  She says they “add a little sass to any boring outfit.” Her good friend Emma Brown agrees and thinks her leopard cardigan “adds a unique pattern to her look.” Leopard print is a very common look when it comes to Brown’s wardrobe.


SOPHISTICATED: Elle Dyer poses for the camera while wearing her ‘sophisticated’ leopard hair tie.

Elle Dyer says she started to wear leopard because it “is trendy and adds a little spice to my outfits.”

TWO LEOPARDS IN A POD: Close friends Delsa Thomas (left) and Raylee Titansor (right) pose to let everyone see their sweater and boots.

Delsa Thomas and Raylee Titansor say their prints make them look “fierce.”

POSITIVELY POSIN’: Kylee Erickson walks the hallways in her snazzy leopard sweater.

Kylee Erickson said her leopard is “fun and it’s a good addition to an outfit.”

ON THE DOC’S: Sophia Steglich shows off her patterned Doc Martins in the middle of math class.

“I think it’s cool and majestic,” Steglich said.

GOOD TO GO: Ali Kilroy (left) and Josie Linford (right) give the ‘thumbs up’ for wearing leopard print.

Ali Kilroy thinks leopard prints make people look “cute” and she thinks they can dress up any boring outfit. Josie likes to wear her leopard boots because they are in style, and when she wears them she  can jump in puddles without getting her ‘fuzzy socks’ wet.

CHECK THIS OUT: McKyla Brog (left) and Chesney King (right) show off their scrunchy and sweater.

Chesney King says she thinks leopard print makes you look fresh and McKayla says that if you are wearing black, you can always add a leopard scrunchy.

Valued or dismissed, it is obvious that since 1947 this  look has found its way back into today’s society and is looking good.