Hitting Animals Unfortunate Part of Driving

Some students tell their stories.


OH DEER: According to the LA Times, over 350,000 deer are killed on America's highways each year.

Taylor Horsley, staff writer

In Wyoming there is no shortage of car accidents. A vast number of these are animal related, and students have had hit their fair share of  furry critters on the road. Whether it be new, inexperienced drivers or older upperclassmen drivers, it seems that if you drive long enough, you’ll eventually collide with an animal.


ROAD KILL: Driving means running the risk of killing an animal on the road.

Mason Erickson- “I was coming home from a basketball game; it was really late, and I was really tired. I was going through the Narrows and that’s when a deer jumped in front of me out of nowhere. I slammed on my breaks, but I wasn’t fast enough and I smoked into the deer. It was actually pretty scary, but I walked away fine. The deer, on the other hand, did not”.


Rj Cazier- “It was a Saturday night, and I was coming home from a friend’s house. I was a little late for my curfew and was in a hurry. Halfway home I was rounding a corner and SMACK! a poor little deer flew across the road and my beautiful car was smashed to a pulp.”


Adelaide Roberts- ” This story might not be a crazy deer story, but one time I ran over a cat,  and I felt so bad because I didn’t even see the cat. I did learn that night that cats don’t have nine lives”.



Students that drive always run the risk of hitting animals, and their stories of hitting animals can be pretty legendary. Be safe while driving and look out for deer and other animals, or you might soon have a story of your own.