Students pair NBA Jerseys with Hoodies for Stylistic Statement

KOBE: I actually got my Kobe jersey for my birthday three days before he died which is really sad because he’s always been my favorite player. I’ve always thought of him being the GOAT but now I wear the jersey in memory of him," said Brandon McDonald.

Brant Nelson, staff writer

Within our school and even around the world there are many style trends with many different people having their own person ways of expressing their selves and showing off their close.

In our school a style trend to show off some style has been the look of a plain looking hoodie with a basketball jersey over the top.

“You know Just around and in the city I saw other people wearing their NBA jersey they had bought over a hoodie so I figured I would try it out after really liking the look of it. I really like to wear my Tyler Hero jersey with a grey or white hoodie underneath.” Says Taylor Horsley.

With many famous people in the world starting the trend sharing it around to other people from adults to kids making the trend lead to our high school.

“ I think it’s really stylish like its pretty cool to see all the different jerseys, and I think it’s really cute. I personally like the white hoodie under the jerseys I feel like it matches the best.

With the new trend coming through our high school with both students liking it and even the girls having put an effect of many kids more and more each day buying jerseys.