Student Hotel Experience Varies


TOWER OF TERROR: Who know what kind of stuff you will find about your room and what has previously happened in it!

Brant Nelson, staff writer

How many hotels have you stayed at in your lifetime? Many sports and extra activities participants have to stay a night or two in a hotel room with their friends many times throughout their seasons, and most of them report that they make their best memories during those nights in hotel rooms with their friends after competing  together during the day.

TIME TO PARTY: Students prefer staying in hotel rooms rather than their bedrooms just to hang with their friends.

“ I love going on basketball trips and just playing Xbox and sitting in the hot tub with my friends when we go play in a tournament,” said Zach Johnson.

Wondering what happens if your elevator breaks or if the pool has been cleaned and has the right amount of chlorine can be scary in a hotel.

“One time me and a few wrestlers were in an elevator, and we all jumped like we all do for fun, and it made the elevator stop, and we got stuck. It was so hot,” said Winston Green.

In Riverton, Brandon Edwards also had scare in a hotel elevator. He said, “I was in an elevator, and it would jolt super bad and go crazy. It was like it was going to just fall and break any second.”

It’s really not good to think about if your room has been cleaned after the last people left it. Imagine sleeping a whole night in a hotel bed and then waking up to find your pillow had a blood stain on the bottom. This happened to a traveling Brave. Luckily, activities secretary Mrs. Clark picks really nice hotels to stay in that almost always have clean beds to sleep in before or after you compete.

The stuff left behind in hotel rooms is limitless, and students have lost everything from cash to charging cables. “One night staying at a hotel I slept walked and woke up on the next floor, and it was crazy cause for a second I didn’t know where I was at,” said Rj Cazier.

Next time you stay at a hotel with a school activity, try not to worry  if you have a clean room or just an unwashed bed. Who knows? Maybe you could wake up and find and Rj in your hotel hallway.