Skateboarding Rising in Popularity

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Skateboarding Rising in Popularity

G Clingy, staff writer

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Skateboarding is a sport that has gained in popularity around the world. Skating is something that many young people do for leisure. It has even become more legitimate with its inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Recently, students picking up a new skateboard or dusting off an old one have increased in number.

PRIMITIVE NAJERA ARCH ROSE: Dreson Jenkins recently purchased this board.

Dreson Jenkins is a new comer to the skating scene. “I bought my new board because all my homies had decks, and I needed one so that we could chill,” said Jenkins.  Skating is one of those things that can bring friends together on the weekends and give them something to do. “Skating is one of those sports that unless the other person is a jerk, you can go and have a good time with anybody. Other people are always there to motivate you, and that makes it fun,” said junior Cambridge Caldwell.

For those that prefer to ride alone, however, there are many skateboard-related skills to learn like how to kickflip or pop-shove it. Skaters can also polish up old moves like the basic ollie for example. “Right now I’m just trying to learn the basics, Ollies and shove-its etc. Im also working on vert stuff like bowls and drop-ins. I’ve only been riding for about seven months, so I can’t do every trick out there,” said junior Dylan Young.

Skating is a sport enthusiasts can do into their forties and beyond.  As with all action sports, there are risks but those can be avoided with a conscious understanding of skill level and some basic protection like a helmet. Laughing, Dakota Passey said, “The worst crash that I’ve ever had on a skateboard was at this platform with a flagpole on it. I landed on my butt real hard trying to do a trick and cut my butt cheek open.”

Skating is an active sport and subsequently has many health benefits. Studies have shown that, depending on how hard you go, you can burn between 150 and 500 calories per hour. Junior Jacob Isaacson said,”Skateboarding is a hard sport, but that motivates me to go and do it more.”

Boarding teaches balance and can improve coordination and flexibility that help the rider fall in the correct ways so as to avoid injury. Similar to other forms of excercise, skateboarding also can boost the metabolism. Most importantly, skateboarding is fun, and while someone may not want to hit the gym everyday,  he or she may not mind picking up their board for two hours each afternoon.

“Ive been skating for probably about 4 or 5 years. Being able to get out and learn about how the board works and challenge myself is whats motivated me, ” said junior Jack Campana.

With winter coming on as quickly as the rise in skateboarding’s popularity, skating is one of those things that finds its grip and sticks until next spring when boards get busted out to shred again.


FLIPPED: Jack Campana pulls of a kick flip at sundown at the skate park in Alpine.



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