It’s Soooooooo Boring

Students Turn to Alternative Means of Staying Alert in Class

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It’s Soooooooo Boring

Gabe Clinger, staff writer

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Everybody has been there. The teacher has some really long boring assignment due next week. The clock seems to tick slower and slower. All you want to do is make it to the weekend, but there is still 45 minutes till freedom. What to do? Mario Cart is looking fun; heck, getting up and leaving could be an option. Here’s what some of your classmates do in class when it gets a little too slow for them.

Faith Shaw likes to “Daydream in class. It doesn’t even matter what it’s about.”

Aaron Moya says that he is, “Texting, snapchating, and playing games on his phone when he has down time.”

Emri Jenkins laughed and said, “When I get bored in math class I mess around with makeup.”

Mr. Kurt-Mason kills time in class with sophomore Sadie Cazier in an epic armwrestling competition.

Cache Bagley  likes to “Go on the Nike website and customize shoes. Basketball shoes, soccer cleats, football cleats, all of it.”

Taytum Dyer told MS, “I just look at my phone, maybe check instagram.”

Tony Reyes said, “Believe it or not I actually do my homework when I have free time.”

So next time the assignment isn’t due till next Monday and the motivation is definitely lacking, pay attention to how are you wasting time in class.

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