Kanye Comes to Town

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Kanye Comes to Town

Otessa Olsen, staff writer

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Most high school students can’t remember their own mother’s birthday, but they follow the ins and outs of a celebrity couple like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, or Kimye, with great interest. The latest on the Wests involves none other than the beautiful state we call home, Wyoming.

YEE-HAW: Kim, North, and Chicago saddle up for a tour of their new home in Cody, WY.

Kim and Kanye have lived with their four kids- North, 6; Saint, 3; Chicago, 1; and Psalm, 4 months- in the Golden State for long enough! On September 9th the rumor was confirmed: the Wests had purchased a ranch in Cody, Wyoming. Some students found the news irrelevant. “I care like a 1.5 out of 10,” said Julie Jensen. However, not all students share Jensen’s unenthusiastic view. The news made its way around the halls as well as any other piece of gossip. The news was spurred on by an Instagram post by Kim Kardashian West of her and her girls on their new ranch on September 14.

The ranch must feel massive for a family used to the cramped streets of California’s cities. It is just over 4,500 acres including an event center, a meeting station, a restaurant, eight lodges, and 2 freshwater lakes that are great for fishing. After buying the ranch, West caused quite a stir as he was seen touring elementary schools in Cody. Students at Star Valley High School have mixed feelings about the chance of meeting West for themselves. “It would be pretty cool, I guess. Kim is pretty cute,” remarked Mikel Sorenson. “It’d be pretty awkward. I wouldn’t know what to say,” counteredCorbin Pluhar. More importantly would they recognize the Wests if they saw them at a football game? “Oh yeah!” stated Emma Thomson emphatically. “Yes. For sure. Okay, maybe not,” admitted Pluhar.

KANYE KASH: Arial view of the $14 million ranch

Many have wondered why the celebrities settled in such a remote location. Star Valley kids have their own opinions. “Lower taxes,” was Pluhar’s explanation. “I see us living in Wyoming, occasionally going to Palm Springs and our home in Los Angeles—and becoming a lawyer,” stated Kardashian a few weeks before the move. Both Kardashian and West have expressed on social media their desire to settle down a little and focus on their family. Mikel Sorenson guessed right when he said, “They probably moved here because it is peaceful, and also Wyoming is checking awesome!”

WYOMING NIGHTS: Kim Kardashian West posted a family dinner on the West Ranch.

And this isn’t West’s first rodeo. West is pretty familiar with Wyoming. He recorded his 2018 album ye in Wyoming, and was there at the end of the summer working on another album, Jesus is King, which should be out this fall.

The Wests cast a brief spotlight on Wyoming. The light is already fading for the Cowboy State residents who have always lived here, but for a moment the rest of the United States knew that Wyoming existed.

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