Strict Parents at it Again

Students discuss parents' parenting technique.

C'MON! In 1988 the Fresh Prince Will Smith rapped his complaints about his parents. In over 30 years, not much has changed.

C'MON! In 1988 the Fresh Prince Will Smith rapped his complaints about his parents. In over 30 years, not much has changed.

McKenna Brog, staff writer

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Kids commonly think of their parents as“strict” with punishments from long lecture to no phone because you were “not sitting up during church.” Although some kids enjoy chill parents, a few actually have it bad.

Parents typically gets worse (more strict) as parents go down the line of kids. Older siblings just have a way of “ruining things” for the younger ones; however, some parents get more lenient and ‘give up’ as they go down the line. All parents are different but here’s what some people in our school have to say about their parent situation.

“I’d say it’s pretty ridiculous. [Why] They don’t even realize they are strict. Other parents let their kids Juul; mine don’t even let me. But all joking aside, I don’t even get to have my school iPad in my room . . . at all or else I lose my phone for a week. And then, even worse, I have to read a 200 page book to get it back. (Long pause) We also have this ‘you had fun yesterday, you can’t do anything today’ type of relationship. Meaning I actually can’t have fun two days in a row. Also, they check my lunch balance at school to make sure I’m eating because my siblings pretty much convinced them I’m anorexic. I’m not,” said junior McKayla Brog.

Senior Jayden Nield (an only child) thinks her parents are a 6/10 amount of strict. “My parents are really strict sometimes but other times they are like ‘eh’. There is no in between,” said Nield.

Senior Jake Johnson enjoys freedom due based on his trustworthiness. “Overall, I think my parents are pretty strict ,but I can still go and do things with friends as long as I don’t lose their trust,” said Johnson.

Junior Robert Walker thinks his parents are just the right amount of strict. “Well, they’re strict but they are not. They keep me safe but they aren’t complete Nazis,” said Walker.

Teacher Patience Jenkins says that she is not a strict parent. Jenkins says this is because she hasn’t been given the reason to be one.

Of course kids have a different situations at home with the parentals, and every parent raises their children differently. Just keep in mind what Gandhi said: “Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers.” So whether you agree with what your parents at home say or not, remember, they get to make the rules and if you enjoy living under their roof, you better follow them.


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