Friday School- Good or Bad?

New Friday School Procedure in Place for '19-'20 school year.

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Friday School- Good or Bad?

Nate Matthews, staff writer

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A new school year has begun, and with it came a new Friday school plan.

Like previous years, students till have to go to school on Friday around three times a month; however, but poor grades this year can land students in school on Fridays that other students may get off . “I hate the new Friday school policy,” said Junior Gabe Nield. Like many of the nearly 100 students assigned to attend the first Friday school of the year back on Sept 27, Nield would rather have not been in school. “I’m just tryin’ to rope cows and play football on the weekends,” said Nield.

“I wouldn’t mind it if they gave the kids that have good grades every Friday off, but going almost every Friday a month and then a possible Friday school the next week sucks,” said senior Dean Shaw.

Something some students do like about Friday school is that a teacher has to assign them to go. If the teacher is negligent in doing so, a student with F’s and D’s may enjoy the day off right next their classmates who are pulling down A’s and B’s. “It’s good and bad,” added Nield, “It sucks when you have a C in a class but your teacher makes you make it up at Friday school anyways. But on the flip side, it’s nice if you have an F and the teacher is lenient.”

Many students don’t give much thought to the new way school is handled on these partial attendance Fridays, but most would like to see more of them.



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