Hobbies Good for Killing Free Time

Jake Johnson, staff writer

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School takes up most of our time during the weeks but after school and on the weekends we all have time on our hands that we need something to do with besides homework.

Many students fill their free time with hobbies, whether reading a book or hitting the ski slopes with friends, most have something to keep them busy. Living in Star Valley can lead to some pretty uneventfull weekends, so what exactly do students do with their free time?


Senior Tyler Hodges says sometimes when he has free time he spends it playing spike ball. He’s played it for over two years now. “I have friends that do it and have the same love for it as me, but they live all over the country.”  Hodges said he started doing it because it “looked like something cool.”

SPIKED: Tyler Hodges plays SpikeBall in the sand with some friends.








Senior Caleb Madsen plays guitar whenever he has time to spare. “Ive been doing it for about a year now and started playing because a friend of mine lended me one of their guitars.” Madsen plays every day for around thirty minutes. “I usually play with my friend Spencer Veigle. I started mainly because I was looking for something to keep me entertained,” said Madsen

GUITAR MEN: Caleb Madsen preforms in front of a live audience at Star Valley ranch with senior Spencer Veigle and Sophomore Orion Cottam.








Junior Gabe Clinger snowboards when he has some free time. “I usually go every weekend during the winter and sometimes after school if I can,” said Clinger.  You can’t go hit the ski slopes without your squad. “I usually  go skiing with Peter Visser, my brother, and Carter Erickson,” Clinger reported.

COLD AIR: Gabe Clinger catches huge air on a jump he built just west of Thayne.






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