Seniors Rally Volleyball Team

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Seniors Rally Volleyball Team

Branden McDonald, staff writer

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The Star Valley Lady Braves varsity volleyball team is off to a rolling start with a red hot 12-2 record coming into the home tournament. They played very well at the home tournament and came away with the dub.

The team has all the necessities, height with Otessa Olsen, hops with McKenna Brog, perfect sets from Kaylee Hale, and mean blocks by Hannah Christie.

The team has great players at every age, but the senior leadership rises above all. Captains Olsen, Christie, and Hale keep this unit together.

Olsen is hard to miss when you see her in the halls. Standing six feet tall and sporting enough hair to keep a wig factory in business for a year, Olsen has anchored the Lady Braves for three years.   “When not on the court, Olsen enjoys “playing the piano, doing homework, and reading for fun. I haven’t decided if I want to play college volleyball yet. I think I’m gonna keep my options open for now,” said Olsen.

Hale is one of the vocal leaders on the court. She gets everyone pumped up and ready to play. “Honestly being a captain is just a title. I’m honored that the girls trust me and love me enough to vote me to be one, but volleyball doesn’t work unless everyone on the court does. As a captain I felt more of a need to get to know the girls on a personal level, and I know that this has helped out with the chemistry of the team. Being captain doesn’t even cross my mind because a captain is one who is all in for the team and will pick up a teammate when they’re down. Volleyball is an imperfect game played by imperfect people, and that’s why it’s important that everyone is a ‘captain’ and everyone is for the team to bring us back together. Volleyball doesn’t work unless we do!” said Hale.

Christie lets her play speaks for itself. She he has bounce up front to punish the ball, making it very tough for the other team to score. When not destroying the ball, she often finds herself, hanging with Parker, doing homework, or studying. She says her favorite thing about volleyball is, “the trust and relationships made with all the girls. I feel like I can tell them anything, and I know they have my back!

This team is the real deal and has a very good shot at taking state with the leadership from their seniors.

BOUNCE: Hannah Christie smacks the ball and scores for the Lady Braves. One of four senior leaders on the team, Christie feels she has the trust of her team and trusts them right back.



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