Football Players Show Off Their Kicks

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Football Players Show Off Their Kicks

RJ Cazier, staff writer

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When you think of football equipment, what do you think of? Helmet, pads, mouthguard? Most people tend to neglect cleats. Cleats have become more and more important. Cleats are a necessity because they provide grip on the field. Without them, players would be sliding all over the place; however, football players have started to care less and less about their cleats performance and more about how they look. Check out the kicks some of the Braves are sporting this season.

FOOLS GOLD: Senior Chase Merrell shows off his flashy maroon and gold cleats. Cleats this fancy can only be customized on “These are my favorite cleats. I love how the gold compliments my ankle bracelets,” said Merrell. These are the cleats Merrell wore in his legendary performance against Sugar-Salem.

RAINBOW: Junior Gabe Nield reps his colorful cleats. These Under Armor cleats contradict the traditional crimson and gold. They also contradict the wishes of Coach Young. “Although most people think these are ugly, I think they are the best looking cleats in the game. I like to rope steers in them sometimes,” said Nield. Gabe has a second pair of cleats that match school colors better.

ICED OUT: Senior James Erickson wears the Adidas Adi-Zero 8.0 cleats. These cleats are one of the most popular kinds on the market. “You play how you look, and I’m looking good,” Erickson said. His Takeoff ankle bracelet add to his icy look.

MERICA: Junior Tony Mickelson shows off his American pride. These super high cleats almost guarantee safety from ankle sprains. “Anything with an American flag is always looking fresh, so why not?” said Mickelson. He is glad to wear these cleats in the land of the free and the home of the brave(s).

We can only predict that in the future cleats with become more advanced and get better looking. One thing is for sure: No matter what they look like, players will always be wearing the best ones.


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