Tattoos Mean Something or Nothing

Jayden Nield, staff writer

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How often have you seen people inked up on the streets? How often have you appreciated their tats and wished you had some?  Several students at Star Valley High School have decided to permanently adorn their skin with tatoos that reflect their personalities or or values. A few of these students include Sammi Schneider, Shadeon Corsi, Cole Thomas, Greg Brown, Rowena Strange, and Raynee Veigel.

Many often wonder what it’s like to get a tattoo. The leading question being, did it hurt? “Umm, yes it hurt.My tattoo is right behind my ear, so I could literally hear the needle. Also, because of where it is on my head, I could feel how it was touching my skin. It was just really weird, “ said Strange.

TUCKED AWAY: Rowenas Tattoo of a French Lilly hides behind her in a classy way. “I got it because I had always wanted one and my dad’s really chill and was getting a tattoo at the same time also. I was in Thailand and was only 14 at the time.”

There is a way to give yourself a tattoo which is called a stick and poke. You take a needle with ink on it and just start poking your skin basically, creating the desired design. Sounds like it hurts pretty bad right? “When I got my stick and poke, it hurt super bad. If you look closely you can see all the separate holes,” said Cole Thomas.

IN IT TOGETHER: Greg Brown (left) and Cole Thomas (right) show off their back tats. “I don’t regret it but I probably will when my mom finds out…” said Brown.


More times than not, tattoos have meaning behind them. “Yes, my tattoo does have meaning to it. The ‘V’ is my grandpas brand and the mountains and trees are because I love being outdoors,” said Corsi.

Some peoples tattoos may be a scripture or meaningful quote. Others, like Strange’s or Schneider’s, have hidden meaning. “My biggest fear is bears, so I figured why not get it tattooed on my body and the mountains resembling home,” said Schneider.

Strange said, “My tattoo is a French Lilly, and if you do research on it, you will find that it has many different meanings, but for me it means loyalty. That’s just something that is really important to me. A lot of things have happened in my life that have made loyalty something that I really value.”

THE MOUNTAINS ARE CALLING: Shadeon Corsi reps his calve tattoo with pride.

There are simple tattoos, such as a small heart, or more complex and detailed tattoos like a full arm sleeve. “My tattoo is just two parallel lines which to me means that I’m headed in a straight line and have no regrets in life,” said Thomas. Others like Veigel’s were just for fun. “I got it for fun, it was kinda stupid. It doesn’t have any meaning at all, just a wave,” said Veigel.

Some people who don’t have tattoos really wish that they did while others are totally against it. “Like Kim Kardashian said, ‘Don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley’. But really I would probably get something weird like a butterfly on my forehead or something and regret that forever ,sooooo no, I’m not for tattoos,” said Claire Green. Everyone sees tattoos differently, whether good or bad. “Yeah dude, I would totally get a tattoo. One of like Martha Stewart or Judge Judy, I don’t know!” said Tony Reyes.

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo? Or maybe you already have. If so let’s hear about it. Tattoos can be a great way to express yourself in a way that will always be with you or become a mistake you will regret.


LIVIN’ ON A WAVE: Raynee Veigel got her tattoo 3 years ago at a family camping trip. “When I’m old it’ll probably look gross and wrinkly,” said Veigel.

PROWLING: Sammi Schneider shows off her tattoo right after she got it. “It really didn’t hurt that bad after a little while. It took about an hour and a half to do it,” said Schneider.

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