Students Dress For Success

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Students Dress For Success

Otessa Olsen, staff writer

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The halls of Star Valley High School turned into a runway on August 26th as students strutted their stuff down the halls in new clothes and fresh tans.

The first day of school is a stage for students to present themselves in a new light to the student body.

THROWBACK: Senior Tanner Merritt brings back the 90’s with his Jazz Solo Cup Outfit. The outfit cost him a pretty penny but he felt the look was worth the cost.

Some take their dress to an extreme. Senior Tanner Merritt stunned the halls with his Jazz Solo Cup Outfit. “I found it on Amazon. I was looking for something that would bring the 90s back to SVHS,” said Merritt. The outfit brought a surprised smile to many who saw it

Some looked much more chill with their vibes. “I just wear what I think is cute. I’m not looking to draw too much attention to myself,” said Lily Jenkins who kept it cool in some Nike AirMax 270 shoes.

Others were more concerned with how they feel in their clothes. “I wanted it to be pretty comfortable and functional so I would enjoy wearing it,” said sophomore Onikka Olsen.

SOTELO SHOWCASE: Vienna Sotelo cheeses with Zaylee her cat before heading off to school in her new shirt and shoes.

What to wear on the first day of school occupied students minds all summer as some put more thought into their outfit than they did their schedule. “I planned my outfit from the moment I saw it on the store racks and shelves. I knew how I wanted to portray myself for the first day and the rest of the year,” said Vienna Sotelo who rocked the day in a Rock Revival shirt and Gianni Bini shoes. Maxwell Thompson planned his outfit the night before as well, so it isn’t just girls who felt the pressure.

Some cared so little, they just put on the first thing they found. “I barely put in any thought to what I wear tbh,” remarked Daxton Herd. “I was going for the “Guy-Who Wasn’t-Ready-for-School-to-Start look.”

GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS: Sophomore Gentry Hendricks and her girlfriends were up all night texting about their outfit plans the night before school started. Obviously the preparation paid off for Gentry!

Whether accompanied by shiny smiles or grimaces, the outfits that floated down the halls of SVHS on August 26th were all a symbol of the student who wore them.

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