Students Rock During Summer Concerts

Caellie Hale, staff writer

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PARTY ON: Emma Thompson and JillEngland jam out hard to the music of the day.

Summer has many different fun activities to participate in. Teenagers usually have the dream of seeing their favorite bands in concert. There isn’t a better time than during their months away from school.  The excitement of seeing a live band in person, being in the same location, or, if you’re lucky enough, even meeting the band members can make a summer memorable for years to come.

Some students had the opportunity to experience this. Junior Emma Thomson traveled down to Rock Springs to see Dylan Scott with Jill England. Brierly Battleson headed down to the UUSANA in Salt Lake City to see Kane Brown and Jason Alden with her family.

Out of all artists, Emma Thomson chose Dylan Scott because he’s SO HOTTTT!!! “My favorite part was acting like crazy drunk girls with all the actual drunk people,” said Thomson. Her favorite song is “My Girl” because when she listens to that song she wants her future husband to look at her just like the lyrics in that song. Take note boys.

SITTIN ON THE EDGE: These crazy kids wait impatiently to start dancing their hearts out on the lawn.

“Kane Brown is one of the HOTTEST guys I know,” said Brierly Battleson. “Out of the whole concert, the crowd was the best part. It was CRAZY; there where girls actually fighting, pulling hair and kicking each other. That  will definitely be the best memory,” said Battelson.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the summer concert scene, look at what you missed out on during the summer months while away from school. For the best memories, get out there and have fun. It’s a blast.

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