Kids Beat Heat with Wicked Water Fights

Lachlan Johnson, staff writer

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ALL WET: Alumna Mattie Baird, freshman Louie Johnson, and 8th graders Ammon Baird and Kessie Johnson smile for a selfie after a water fight, showing no hard feelings.

As the heat of the summer rose, so did the number of victims . . . of surprise water fights.  Nationally, YouTube prankster Josh Roth challenged people on the streets to a water fight. Many were reluctant, but a few fun loving people (dying of heatstroke) accepted the challenge full-heartedly. Local water fights were not as well known and broke out for a fun loving feeling of watching dowsed victims flail around.

Water fights have been a center of summer fun for a while. The objective usually is to stay dry while the “victim” is soaked with water. But with the heat of summer, some people decided that it was just as fun to soak themselves along with soaking victims. While this is fun, and makes the person attacked feel better, it is definitely not a recommended tactic, especially if the foresight is not taken to change from work clothes to water fight clothes.

In other words, all around the country, and even in our little po-dunk town, water fights helped beat the sweltering heat down. “It was fun! The water was freezing, but after awhile it felt good. Plus it was fun listening to other people shriek in terror,” said freshman Louie Johnson. Fellow freshman Marie Semadeni said, “It was rather entertaining.”

Shrieks of terror, entertainment, and a respite from the heat all wrapped up into one thing  this summer: water fights. Wicked water fights. So next time it’s hot, and you’re feeling bored, get out there and have some soaking your self and your friends!

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