Sickest Whips of the School V2

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Sickest Whips of the School V2

Tony Reyes, staff writer

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The summer of 2019 brought many fun and exciting moments. One thing that summer always seems to brings is cars. From the sophomores that can finally drive to the seniors getting cars for college, everyone has new cars. Today we take a walk through the SVHS parking lot and check out the sickest whips of the school

To start out our list is senior Gracey Larose. LaRose is the proud owner of a white 2015 Ford Taurus. This car has been in the family for 3 years but has belonged to Gracey for just about a year. LaRose named her car “Curby” after all the curbs she’s run into. “My Favorite part of Curby is the backup camera, lol. I don’t know where I would be without it honestly,”  LaRose said.

DIRTY BUT CLEANNNN: Gracey LaRose lays on top of her dirty car smiling and laughing because she knows  she has one of the cleanest cars in the school

Next up on our list is sophomore Addie Butler. Butler owns a red 2012 Chevy Sonic. Butler recently purchased her car 4 months ago. She nicknamed her car ” Flat Butt” after the weird back shape of her car. Butler said, “The thing I love most about flat butt is that she is really quick!”

FIERY: Junior Addie Butler smiles next to her fire red car. She feels super happy to be driving it around this year.

Following up on this list is Dean Shaw. Shaw is the happy new owner of a red 2013 Buick Enclave. He has had “Big Betty” for about 6 months. According to Shaw, Big Betty’s best feature is that “she looks good.”

RAINY: Senior Dean Shaw leans against his car in the rainy weather to get the perfect picture.

Next up is Parker (Gibraltor, Gibby, Bork, Biggs, Buford, SMashmouth lead singer, Gibward, Big Chungus) Merritt. Gibby is the owner of tan 1996 Toyota FourRunner. Merrit has owned this car for just about a year. He nicknamed it “SweetPork” after the idea was given to him by his girlfriend, Hannah Christie. “I love the subs in there,so I can’t even hear myself think,” said Merrit.

AFTER PRACTICE LOOK: Parker Merrit smiles against his will as Mountain Star Staff Member Tony Reyes forces him to take a picture after practice.

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