Valley Puts Life on Hold to Search for Rock

RJ Cazier and Hazen Erickson

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Over the past couple of years, CarpetsPlus Color Tile (America’s Floor Store) has hidden a rock in the valley. This storied rock is concealed very well and has multiple clues to help people discover its whereabouts.

The prize for the finding this desired stone is $1000 in floor repair or $500 cash. If you are wearing a CarpetsPlus Color Tile shirt, then the prize is $2000 in floor repair or $1000 cash. Extreme dedication is required to find the rock, and it is still undiscovered.

Eight clues have been released by owner Eric Bueller, father of SVHS student Preston Bueller. The clues are difficult to decipher and contain numbers, riddles, and rhymes. No more clues will be released until Saturday, June 1st.

Students have joined adults all over the valley in searching for the rock. “I have searched this whole valley, and I cannot find that stupid rock,” said junior Parker Merritt.

The money seems to be having the desirable motivational effect. “My desire to find this rock exceeds Thorin Oakenshield’s desire to get the Arkenstone,” said junior Tavin Frazier

Some students have better things to do but are still keeping their eyes open. “I don’t really care about finding it, but if I do I will buy so many shoes,” said junior Taylor Horsley.


ON THE HUNT: The picture of the rock that everybody is striving to find.

Time is running out and some lucky student or adult will soon find it. It is just a matter of whom and when. The rock could be anywhere. In the mountains? In the fields? In the towns? Who knows? No one is excluded from this massive quest to find this treasured rock. Will you be the one? Go out and try.

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