To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before

Tony "Lover Boy" Reyes, staff writer

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I’ve known many women, and every single one of you has been super special. As my long career of romance comes to an end, I  just want to thank you gals, sincerely,  for everything you’ve done for me.

What They Said:

Kierra Bulzomi: “Our relationship was kind of lame tbh… but I mean it was in 8th grade ,lol!”

Taylor Haderlie: “You did kiss me, kinda.”

Gracey “The Cheater” LaRose: “Were we even official? Like I cheated on you with Gabe Nield lol”

Kaylee Burgess: “We were so little.”

Hannah Christie: “We haven’t even dated.”

Liz Rieb: “All I remember is that one time at Lagoon.”

Jadyn Teel: “You can’t interview me. I literally live in Sheridan.”

Raynee Viegel: “We didn’t date. You just bought me chocolates on Valentine’s Day.”

If I missed you I apologize. I can’t remember you all, but thanks again for being a part of my life

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